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Homeschooling Ideas. . . A Brainstorming Letter to Jeremy
May 5, 2008, 4:53 pm
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I’ve been looking at different preschool curriculum things for Elijah (and Merry soon enough – she will be two before we know it!) . I still plan to go to the curriculum fair/conference in Columbia in June, but here are some resources I have put on our school list on Amazon.

What I’m thinking about doing (encouraged by Naomi and Joy Folken) is to set up a morning routine/circle time that is about 10 minutes that would include a song we learn to get started (changed weekly or monthly, probably), a bible verse and/or catechism (using ABC bible verses – this author is recommended on Monergism), shapes and colors review, a manners or other activity (the same one for the whole week maybe also) then one story that is about our theme or letter that week (read all week) Then we could get into whatever we are working on in phonics and math after that. The cool thing about this is that once you set a routine into order, they LOVE it and require each component from you and learn very well whatever is included in that 10 minutes. Even if you have a fun day planned like a day out at the Children’s museum, or strawberry picking, or whatever, you can still do your 10-minute thing and have “school” to review what you know and at least they are still learning a song, a bible verse, shapes and colors and getting one story. Also, you could do the routine with him on days you are home (after the baby is born even) maybe even between the gym and when you return to work – if it is only 10 minutes long.

Anyway, I’m going to look into a few different curriculums, I don’t know if I showed you these. . .
Of course the hooked on phonics or sing, spell, read and write which I’ve already liked the looks of and have on my Amazon list. . .here are some others also:
Sonlight (the preschool stuff is first) I am going to take a hard look at this at the curriculum fair – I would say I don’t like Abeka, but Kristin said that they ruined their reputation (in some people’s eyes) as a good curriculum by going past K3-5 – that their preschool is the best stuff she’s seen. . . I’ve never seen it, so I think I need to give it a fair shake.

The last thing I may do because all the ones I want to look at may not be at the curriculum fair, is put a message on the homeschool board to see if I can look at someone’s Hooked on Phonics or Sing, Spell, Read and Write to see how they compare.


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I love your ideas! We were doing something right after Gavin arrived, but it lost it’s momentum somewhere between gall bladder surgery and Corey having some procedures of his own…BUT it was really good having a little planned part of the day. I really need to get back into that again!!!! Haley thrives on routine and is SO much more well behaved when I plan out her day and when we get dressed first thing and get the day started off on the right foot…WITH THE LORD!!!
Thanks for posting this…very inspiring…I’m gonna get my teacher stuff out again!

Comment by Heather

Just for clarification Heather, these are just ideas at the moment, nothing has actually happened!

Comment by icaskey

We also love My Father’s World, and that might be at the curriculum fair to look at.

You are so right that our children require certain activities from us once we get them used to it. They’re so cute!

Comment by Cassie

I love the simplicity of your 10 minute idea! Your curriculum ideas look fun. It reminded me of a grammar book I adored that had a fish and water the shade of blue that I love. I always enjoyed doing that book because of the fish, the water, and the slick texture of the pages! (Kris just said she was jealous of it! 😛 ) We’re having a book sale tomorrow… hint hint! 😉
I’m glad you posted this about homeschooling! I’ve been trying to pray for specific things for you and now I have some new ideas!!! 😀 May the Lord bless you and Jeremy with His wisdom and discernment on how to achieve His goals for your children! Lots of love to you!

Comment by ( : David's Kate : )

Adina, I really admire the work you do with your children; it’s just so valuable! I never thought I’d be one to homeschool, but after my experience with the school where I’m working, and after seeing the differences between students who have stay-at-home parents and those that don’t, I think I might do homeschooling after all, when the time comes!

A note about Abeka–I have not personally worked with it (and truthfully found it bothersome that some of their phonics materials did not match well with the ACE materials my less literate first-graders use for review), but the overwhelming majority at our school is in favor of the Abeka curriculum for pre-K and Kindergarten. That’s what I hear from the homeschool parents and the teachers at the school.

Before I forget to mention it, your Circle Time idea sounds perfrect! I wonder: Have you considered adding a closing routine, too? If you come up with a closing/transitioning routine (even as simple as naming one thing you’ve talked about, followed by a song or a short prayer), that can be very helpful for moving between school activities, or between school and non-school activities. The two minutes it takes to name something you’ve studied and to pray seem to make it easier for the little ones to deal with changes in routine (like a lesson or activity unexpectedly cut short) when those things happen.

I think I’m a little envious of your lifestyle, but I’m happy for you too…

Hugs to all of you–even the contingent in far-away lands!

Comment by Tiara

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