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Letter Excerpts from Jeremy
May 3, 2008, 12:20 am
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We are surviving, by the grace and faithfulness of our God, here at home. Jeremy is doing very well at his deployment location. Things have gone more smoothly than we could ever imagine! I am at my 12-week mark in the pregnancy, so we are almost 1/3 the way done with the pregnancy. . .and hopefully 100% done with morning sickness! Elijah thinks he is also pregnant and asks me to pray for his baby at night.

So you all can get a feel for how Jeremy is doing, I am posting some excerpts from a letter he wrote several days back.

The chow hall here, for a lack of a better term is “off the chain.”
Offerings include a meat carving station, gyro bar, stir fry station,
pasta bar, potato bar, salad bar, pastry corner, Baskin Robbins ice
cream station, sandwich station, smoothie station, short order line
(hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.), main order line, and drinks galore
(including bottled Gatorade, sodas, coffee, sweet tea, juice, and near
beer since alcohol is prohibited so that those who can’t do without can
at least have a taste, I guess). It would be quicker for me to tell you
what they don’t have at the chow hall. It’s the equivalent of eating at
Golden Corral for every meal. Don’t even get me started on what they
have for breakfast. I’ve used this joke before, but it’s too good to
only use once: If I were a postmillennialist I would have thought I was
already in some kind of heaven on earth – from a gut perspective…my
gut. It’s sad that my paragraph on food is bigger than any other –
perhaps I should check my priorities. Give me grace here, because I
probably won’t write about food again.

The work here is work, not much to write about, even if I could tell you
– someone would have to kill you…and me. Just kidding, it’s not that
important. I sit for 12 hours a day and look through photo and video
imagery here…yawn. I yawned writing that. No, it’s pretty neat
actually. There was a dust storm here today, severely decreasing the
visibility. The dust here is about the consistency of flour, neatly
settling on everything. I blew dirt out of my nose, washed it off of my
face, and cleaned it out of my ears.