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Jeremy’s Address Overseas
April 17, 2008, 12:20 pm
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TSgt Jeremy Caskey

Combat Camera

MNC-I (Carty) G-1

APO, AE 09342-1400

Although Jeremy would love care packages, notes and letters will mean so much to him (they did when he was away at training – thank you to those of you who wrote him!)  He will most likely be able to get all his basic necessities, so sending him fun stuff (baby wipes, gum, soap, etc. would be passed on to other military members who have greater need of them if he got them), or letters would probably be the best during the first half of his assignment (he doesn’t have his assignment for the second half of the deployment)

When/if care packages are sent, we have been advised to avoid sending the following items:

  • NO Pork
  • NO Chocolate (it will melt)
  • NO Tobacco
  • NO Raw Fruit or Uncooked meat
  • NO homemade cookies (I despise this one!!! Supposedly they don’t get past the inspection)
  • NO religious material IN BULK (please send for his personal use – not extras for him to give away)
  • NO glass or glass bottles
  • NO weapons of any kind

Maybe I’m stating the obvious, but you don’t have to pay international shipping for these packages or letters, because they are only sent to a processing location here in the US by the USPS, then taken overseas by military means.  So if you send a letter or card, just put one regular stamp on it and stick it in your mailbox.  Thank you all ahead of time for your encouragement of Jeremy!  You can begin sending things today, as they take 2-4 weeks usually to get to their destination.  We will have to stop sending things after he’s been there 5 months (Lord-willing!)

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