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Rice Pancakes and Doggie Treats
March 8, 2008, 2:19 am
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Today we went to the Coronado’s house and toasted brown rice, ground it in their mill (electric) and made my mom’s rice pancakes (this is a picture of the recipe written in my mom’s handwriting – very special!) for lunch. They were as good as I remember them and Josiah (1.5 years old) ate more than 3 pancakes himself! Mimi and Elijah were too tired and excited to eat much (and distracted by the yummy cantalope Stephanie cut up for us).  Before lunch, Richard spent some time on the laptop with Elijah and Josiah looking up pictures of animals on google.  Elijah would name an animal and Richard would look it up and tell him all the food items we get from that animal, or what it tasted like (don’t ask me how Richard knows that a horse tastes like a cow. . . but that’s what he says!)  He also showed him pictures of major great men of the faith and tried to get Elijah to repeat them.

Elijah has had a pretty intense fear of dogs since he was about 9 months old, due to a few rowdy interactions with different ones, and Stephanie and Richard have a little cute hot dog “Cali.” Elijah is also terrified of her, even though she is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. . . so I decided to do something a little different (we’ve tried pretty much everything to work through this fear.) We stopped at the grocery store on the way to their house and I let him pick out a little bag of treats for Cali. He enjoyed this, but would not give one to her himself. He gave a few to me to give to her and seemed to enjoy watching her eat them . . . from about 6 feet away. We’ll see if we make any progress over time.

Bible study is going very well here; we have been very blessed with God’s provision of His Words in the Bible, and the blessing of the Holy Spirit as our Teacher (I’m so thankful that HE is the Teacher, not me!) As always, God has been speaking to us in very specific and relevant ways during our study, and at only lesson two, I praise God for His great work that has already been done in this short time.

Elijah decided yesterday to read Mimi and Mama a book while he and Merry were in the bathtub. He got out Dr. Seuss’s “One Fish, Two Fish” and began “reading” it from memory. When he got to the second page, he got to the last phrase, pointed to the last picture and said, “what’s that, mama?” and when I answered, he piped up with great enthusiasm, “Da’s right! Good job, mama!” turned the page, and continued reciting. I won’t be needing to homeschool Merry at the rate we’re going around here. . .

Merry climbed up on the loveseat in front of our big picture window (where she likes to watch the squirrels play – her latest word, by the way)  ALL BY HERSELF.  She rode on her little push-rocket up to the couch, then used it as a step to get up on the loveseat.  I was sitting right nearby, and watched as she got up, looked out the window, talked a little bit, then let herself down safely on her tummy, feet-first onto the floor when she was done.  She’s getting so grown-up.  She also goes down slides at the big-kid playground by herself now and knows where she can get a cookie when we walk into the commissary!   Some of the words she says are: mama, dada, bye-bye, hi, Elijah, squirrel, all-done, uh-oh, duck, dog, woof, quack, some sound for a dinosaur (her favorite animal, I think!)

We worked in the yard a little bit this afternoon, clipping a few of my hydrangea shoots and potting some sweet basil seedlings. Also, pulling lots of clover out of my flower bed. It was beautiful here today, I am thankful for the spring-like weather. I pray it lasts for while.

March 6, 2008, 3:05 am
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Today is the first day I really feel like a true military spouse. Training must have kicked into high gear. . . no phone call from Jeremy today, or email, or video chat. Nothing. Silence. . . except in the house of course! Merry seemed to ask “dada?” at one point, and followed the question with a string of “dadadadadadada” then waved and said “bye-bye” when I explained to her that Dada was gone to work for a long time. She’s very accepting. Elijah seems to be adjusting better than at first. He tells people that Daddy went on the airplane for work. They are both sleeping better (which means mommy sleeps better too, of course!) I’m learning to like the middle of the bed.

Tonight one of Jeremy’s co-workers stopped over with his wife to let us know when they would be mowing our lawn. They came in and were very sweet, asking how we were coping and visiting with us for a while. It was nice to have the company. Tomorrow is a busy day for us – MOPS in the morning and bible study for me in the evening. I probably will not get an opportunity to post anything tomorrow.

Taps is playing (which means it is 10PM) I need to hit the hay. Jeremy, if/when you read this, know you are very loved. I bought Elijah fruit snacks at the grocery store today. He picked out two different kinds and shared them with Merry. I told him that you told me to make sure he was stocked up on them. He seemed pleased by this. I know he’s relieved that you still have a say-so on certain things while you are gone. 🙂

Elijah Putting Merry Down for a Nap
March 5, 2008, 2:55 pm
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Here is a video I took this morning . . . Jeremy told Elijah that he would be the man of the house while he was gone and to take care of Mommy and Mimi. Elijah is doing such a good job. See him singing to Mimi, telling her he’ll come and get her after she naps, and holding the door for Mommy to go out. This video by special request from Jeremy. . .

One Fun Thing We Did Today. . .
March 5, 2008, 1:17 am
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We had a fun day, visiting the Vonrosenbergs and Coronados both in one day! We had a visit in our house by a fly, which Elijah is frightened by (as if it was a pitbull) and calls a “butterfly.”

Very sweet and enjoyable – here’s a little video of one of our visits.

Cousin Visit Pics
March 2, 2008, 7:24 pm
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Brianna, Josh and Kelly left this morning. We had the most wonderful visit with them! It was a blessing to have a sister here who has been through this husband/daddy separation thing more than once! She’s a pro at it, with Josh (her husband, Jeremy’s brother) being a Marine. He has had more than his fair share of time in Iraq and so it was providential to have her here to coach me through my first weekend without Jeremy. The children had a blast together – Josh and Bri helped Elijah make his next letter with popcorn. . .



ADDRESS: Jeremy Arrives Well
March 2, 2008, 12:23 pm
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Jeremy has arrived healthy and safely at training. So far everything has been uneventful. The children and I are enjoying a weekend visit from Aunt Kelly (Jeremy’s brother Josh’s family) and our niece and nephew, Josh and Brianna. I will post pics soon.

For those who want our addresses, here they are:


SSgt Jeremy Caskey
Ft Bliss Mobilization and Deployment BDE
2 AF LNO/DET 4 Bldg 2453
Ft Bliss, TX 79916

Adina, Elijah and Merry Caskey
1508-B James Avenue
Charleston AFB, SC 29404
(843) 278-2337