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Happy Easter 2008!
March 23, 2008, 12:26 am
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Our Easter season has been very enjoyable. We have been enjoying hearing the Easter story repeatedly as we open our resurrection eggs at least once a day. There are many versions of these, if you do an internet search, you will find many versions, but THIS is the one most like the one we have been doing. Each day, I try to add one more egg to the small wicker basket on the dining room table – and of course Elijah notices the new egg the minute he walks within viewing distance of the table, and he likes to open each egg and talk about each item in the egg. I have tried to get him to tell Merry about the eggs, and his version is pretty cute. Tomorrow they open the fun basket with all the goodies in it to eat and play with.

We went to a Maundy Thursday service at our church, and the choir did the first half of their program, finishing tomorrow morning during the service. I was asked to narrate as Mary Magdalene, along with three gentleman. Tomorrow we also have friends over for dinner after naps and we are potlucking it in a way – everyone is bringing a side dish (we have a ham and someone else is providing a turkey) AND a dessert. So far, I’ve heard that cheesecake, sunshine cake and a bunny (shaped) cake are coming.

Here are some pictures of the egg hunt at Jeremy’s work today. Mimi loved holding her little basket and was much slower moving, so I got a few more pics of her. . . Elijah was off – not terribly productively, but enjoying running! Notice him blowing bubbles (if you look closely, you can see one of the bubbles on the right side of the white V on his sweater vest! Such a big boy! It was beautiful and felt like a beautiful warm spring day!

img_0798.jpg img_0806.jpg img_0809.jpg img_0800.jpg img_0803.jpg img_0815.jpg img_0822.jpg

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My husband is on the phone with your right now! So, now I’m scouring the internet! You guys are so cute. I love how this year the babies are older than last year and can enjoy Ressurection day a bit more. Can’t wait til tomorrow!

Comment by Stephanie

How cute!

Elijah and MErry are getting SOOOOOO BIG!!!
They are growing up!

Comment by Rachel

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