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Video Updates for Daddy (and everyone else too)
March 18, 2008, 12:51 am
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Here are a few more videos for your torture 🙂 I loved youtube, but Jeremy cannot access it due to military blocking at his training site (even though it is on a personal computer, on personal time, and on a personally paid-for internet service!) We assume it will be even tighter security when he goes to Iraq – IF he even will be able to access internet, so we are going to give this photobucket thing a try, since my friend Stephanie’s videos can be viewed by Jeremy on there.

I’ve posted four new videos, including one of Elijah and Merry’s puppet Lambchop (being used by Elijah in this video) singing various songs. Gave me a giggle!

Our video archives at

They are in chronological order, most recent ones first.


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I enjoyed these videos, especially the lamb chop one. I watched Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop on TV when I was a little girl! That really dates me! Elijah has a good voice like his Dad and Mom. Happy Easter! We love you!
Mom & Dad

Comment by Debbie Caskey

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