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Yeah For Big Boys: Potty Candy, & Other Perks of Growing Up
March 16, 2008, 12:37 am
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I apologize ahead of time for this post. Daddy isn’t able to call tonight, and he HAS to hear about this tonight. . . we are hoping he checks this before bed tonight!

Potty candy does not need too much of an explanation, but here it is, as basic as it is: potty candy is an M&M presented to little boys and girls upon appropriate placement of their waste in the toilet. One candy for number one (no choice of color – just whatever happens to come out of the little container) at least two candies for doing number two with a choice of colors as a bonus (this is bigger than one would think – almost better than the candy itself!)

We’ve seemed to have mastered putting number one in the toilet during the daytime, however, number two always needed a diaper. One day this week he accidentally went NUMBER TWO outside (after he realized that number one could be put on a tree or in the grass if we were away from a toilet.) Then he had two incidents in one day of going number two outside. None in a diaper. I counted this as progress, thankful for anything at this point, and thankful the neighbors weren’t home when he dropped his drawers and left his little surprise on the back lawn. Anyone who has potty-trained a child knows how irrationally desperate we can get during this process! Then, this afternoon he jumped up from what he was doing, announced his need to go number two and raced to the bathroom. He made it in time and went for the first time, of his own initiative number one and two in the toilet! Yeah! Needless to say, he had a good time picking out the colors of his potty candy, and watching mommy do the “potty dance.” So. . . Elijah asked me when we sat down to dinner if I was going to take a picture for Dada of what he had put in the toilet. Thankfully, for your sake, he had already flushed it.

Another milestone was reached today, as Elijah got within 6 inches of a dog, by his own request “Mommy, you hold me, I pet doggie.” He didn’t actually pet our neighbor’s dog, but got very close, smiled and talked to the dog. Very sweet! Our neighbor (a Mommy of boys herself) asked Elijah if he wanted to get on the trampoline with her. . .and he agreed, much to my surprise! He has not enjoyed a trampoline yet in his life, and has been so timid on them. As you can see from the pictures, he has gotten over that timidity!


I love the wind in Merry’s hair on this last picture. She’s a big girl, the first picture of her is when she is standing on big-kid playground equipment looking through the bars at me.

Jeremy, we miss you and love you so much! We can’t wait to see you in a few weeks, and to show you the surprise we have been working on for you! OOOOOOOOOO “I give you hug.” (Quote by Elijah Spurgeon Caskey)

Also, I don’t know if you can get on photobucket, but here is a video from Stephanie of the day we were over at their house.

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Hey babe, thank you for the post. The video on photobucket worked and was much appreciated. Thank Stephanie and Richard for me. I have been gone for such a short time (comparitively) but it already feels like I’m missing so much with the kids growing up. Since I’ve left Elijah has started serious potty training, made significant progress with dogs, jumped on a trampoline, and taken an interest in writing, drawing, and baseball (three things I love). Merry is saying so many new words and even looks different. Yikes.

This is starting to feel like it’s not worth it. But this is where God has me and I don’t want to be a Jonah and turn tail. I really miss you all and am thankful to be able to come home for a short while between now and deployment.

Comment by Jeremy

We love and miss you too!! It IS worth it, Jeremy. Obeying God is even more important than watching the children reach a few milestones. In a year this will be a fleeting memory and you will be watching new milestones being reached. We will do all those things with you when you return (jump on the trampoline, play with dogs, go number one and two in the toilet – I hope – write, draw and play baseball.) By the way, playing baseball is pretty much NO ONE hitting or catching the ball yet, so at least you aren’t missing out on the good part!

Comment by icaskey

It will all be worth it once the deployment is said and done, trust me. The deployment is such a big picture that will make more sense once you see it. Besides, what you are doing over there, is for all of us over here, including your beautiful wife and super kids. Once you get over there and get into your mission, the time will go fast- and next thing you know it will be time for your homecoming! Just stay strong and know you have a lot of people praying for you and your unit!

Comment by Deb

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