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Merry Anna 14.5 months old
March 12, 2008, 12:09 am
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Today Merry is 14 and a half months old. . . I took some pictures of her and thought I’d post a few cute facts about her too.


Check out the teeth! If I counted right, she has 10 (4 molars!)


She likes to play with any toy zebra and can’t seem to get enough of dinosaurs. Her favorite books are Pat the Bunny Books, Corduroy books, and most recently, Is Your Mama a Llama? Merry can hold her own on the playground. She climbs the stairs, walks the wobbly rope bridge thingy, goes through tunnels and slides down any slide on her tummy, feet first. Many moms on the playground get nervous when she gets up at the top of the slide all confident and goes down herself. . . “she’s so little!” They’ll say that their daughter or son was never that brave at that age, but did they have an Elijah to keep up with? That’s what I always think.

She can name many body parts, sometimes accurately, sometimes not, but usually gets in the general vicinity. She has a skill for dancing (bopping, as we like to call it) and claps to music, no matter what kind.

She also loves anything with animals or dogs in it. She said “book” for the first time today, and said “thank you” to the cashier at the store. She gives the cutes neck hugs, she was chasing little Josiah around today with her arms outstretched. When she would get to him, she would hug him, leaning her head on him and give him big loud kisses. Jeremy said that she must be missing hugs and kisses from her daddy so she’s going after boys to get them now! He doesn’t have to be concerned, Elijah will keep them away from her, and she is happy hugging and kissing him and mama too!

She likes to eat crackers, cheesecake, lots of different vegetables, sushi, most any fish, shrimp, noodles, potty candy (I’ll explain in some future blog – don’t ask!) and pretty much any kind of fruit. If Elijah’s eating it, she, of course wants some too, whatever it may be. Speaking of nutrition, I think I can say that she is officially weaned! She has truly graduated into the big-girl world!

Merry seems to be a bit more reserved than Mommy, Daddy, or Elijah, but is still independent and friendly. She will sometimes on her own say “hi” to people and walk up to them without being prompted, especially other children. She squeals with glee when she sees Elijah after waking up from a nap, or being in another room away from him for a while. She has the cutest contagious giggle and wide smile that can draw one out of anyone who sees it. I am so pleased that she is living up to her name. We have prayed that her name eventually would be a description of her heart. She has a beautiful spirit and I pray that she grows to have a heart that loves and serves Jesus before too long. That is better than any other “milestone” she may reach in her lifetime.

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Though I have only been gone just shy of two weeks, it seems as if many of the things Merry is doing are new. Mike Kaplan mailed me a post card here the other day. Mike, if you see this post, thanks much. It was a nice pick-me-up to hear from you. I miss you guys.

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