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March 6, 2008, 3:05 am
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Today is the first day I really feel like a true military spouse. Training must have kicked into high gear. . . no phone call from Jeremy today, or email, or video chat. Nothing. Silence. . . except in the house of course! Merry seemed to ask “dada?” at one point, and followed the question with a string of “dadadadadadada” then waved and said “bye-bye” when I explained to her that Dada was gone to work for a long time. She’s very accepting. Elijah seems to be adjusting better than at first. He tells people that Daddy went on the airplane for work. They are both sleeping better (which means mommy sleeps better too, of course!) I’m learning to like the middle of the bed.

Tonight one of Jeremy’s co-workers stopped over with his wife to let us know when they would be mowing our lawn. They came in and were very sweet, asking how we were coping and visiting with us for a while. It was nice to have the company. Tomorrow is a busy day for us – MOPS in the morning and bible study for me in the evening. I probably will not get an opportunity to post anything tomorrow.

Taps is playing (which means it is 10PM) I need to hit the hay. Jeremy, if/when you read this, know you are very loved. I bought Elijah fruit snacks at the grocery store today. He picked out two different kinds and shared them with Merry. I told him that you told me to make sure he was stocked up on them. He seemed pleased by this. I know he’s relieved that you still have a say-so on certain things while you are gone. 🙂

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We are all praying for you Adina! You are in my thoughts and prayers ALL of the time!!! 😀
I loved the little video of Elijah singing to Merry and opening the door for you! Quite the little gentleman! He he!
Mom and I were in Ross the day before yesterday and I enjoyed thinking about the day I met you! O how blessed and happy were the days when you and Merry visited!!! ❤ 😀
I miss you and look forward to seeing you again someday! I pray you(all) have an abundantly blessed day full of the Lord’s peace and joy!

Comment by ( : David's Kate : )

We need to get you a body pillow! I would lend myself but I think Rich would not like that. ha ha j/k.

Comment by stephi232

“still have a say-so on certain things while you are gone”. I love it! MIKE

Comment by Mike Kaplan

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Comment by Katelyn's David

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