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Elijah and Merry Meet Mike!

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Tonight we were able to attend a rally here in Charleston for Mike Huckabee. . . and got front row spots (standing of course!) We shook his hand, talked with him and his wife briefly. Jeremy got to tell him that he’s reading his book right now, and that I (Adina) volunteered for his campaign this week (making cold calls to people here in Charleston!)

My friend Kristin (who’s husband is currently serving in Iraq) got to talk with his wife Janet briefly too.


They looked really tired and hungry, but thankfully they didn’t invite themselves over to our house for dinner OR to hunt for the weekend, Joy and Ryan. Don’t know who this guy is? Check out where he stands on the issues.

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I’m so jealous! Of course, our whole family was at the rally here, but he was running late, and only Ryan got to talk and take a pic with him. Anyway, how come I can’t make these pictures bigger? I want to see your smiling faces!

Comment by Joy

Thank you, thank you! You guys are so politically dressed and everything! How cute. 🙂

Comment by Joy

How fun!!! Good pictures of ya’ll too! Boy, Mrs. Huckabee sure has green eyes!
Miss you and am praying for you!!!

Comment by ( : David's Katelyn : )

I called Mike Huckabee after you left the event and asked him who he likes better. He said that though you were very nice people, I’m still at the top of his “Best Friends” list.

He was wondering if we could go camping again too…that was a blast!

BTW, I’m happy that you guys got to see him and that you’re as enthused about him as I am!

Comment by Ryan

Kind of funny, ’cause he didn’t remember your name when we asked him how you were doing. . . since you all are such good friends and all!

We donated to his cause last night since he is SO close here in SC. . . we figure it’s an investment that we will get a return on when the fair tax gets going!

For those of you who don’t know Ryan (commenting above!), he is the delusional husband of my good friend Joy in Omaha. He thinks he has some special relationship with the possible future president, and is encouraged and assisted in his delusions of grandeur by some of his very skilled students. I guess every candidate has a crazy or two following them around. I just never knew I would know them! 🙂

Wish you all were here!!! We miss you guys so much!

Comment by icaskey

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