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I Like Mike…Adina on Politics?

This social worker has stayed out of politics for years now. . . except to vote of course! Recently we have watched a man with no money, political or “good-ole’-boy” connections rise to some popularity. After reading and watching tons of stuff on this guy, I AM SO EXCITED to watch this election.

We’ve even signed up to volunteer for his campaign! He will be in SC pretty soon, maybe we can get a chance to meet him, especially since my friend‘s husband got to meet him a few weeks ago, and her brother is in one of his commercials!

The most entertaining video I have seen that does cover the issues is from Jay Leno’s show. . . I LOVE the second part where he talks about his ideas for the IRS (it seems like Mike might make them take a hike!)

Part 2 – check it out – he plays the bass for the Tonight Show!

Check out where he stands on the issues:

Huckabee on HOMESCHOOLING?!!??!

The thing I like most about this guy is that he knows where he stands (not that I agree with every stance he has of course) and he is running a campaign with so little money (no major backers, which is why he can take a truly honest stand on the issues – he can say what he believes without having to think about who he’s going to get miffed!)


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Mike Huckabee is America’s hope for a true change! Get the news out in SC to vote for Huckabee!

Comment by waformike

We’re thinking of printing some flyers from his website to spread around!

Comment by icaskey

It is definitly a good idea, but you only have a few weeks, if that. Just tell everybody you come in contact with. 🙂

Comment by waformike

Glad you’re on the bandwagon with Mike. Dad has been talking about him for the past year now. When he first mentioned him I thought, “Oh, he’ll never make it – his beliefs are so good and he’s too nice!” I’m amazed how far he’s come! And to think – he’s from the same place as Clinton! What a difference! I looked into getting us involved in Pittsburgh and we have several chapters in this area. We are in a precarious situation being a pastor and wife. We’ll have to think and pray about it. Glad you are getting involved! Love, Mom

Comment by Debbie Caskey

I don’t think people in New Hampshire are thrilled with his debate and recent forum, the overall concensus is that he responds with his spiritual side on every subject. One potential New Hampshire voter on MSNBC said she didn’t want a Pastor as President. Where as obviously in Iowa he gained a lot of support. My opinion is that Obama and McCain will get the vote, not that I neccessarily support anyone right now. Hopefully Huckabee will gain a little steam next time around. I like him as well.

Comment by Joe

You might be right, Joe. . . I guess we’ll see! One of us is bound to be surprised, though, cause I think America, though some are not wanting a Pastor for a President, more don’t want a Washington-Tainted Politician for a President! For his sake, I hope I’m right! Congrats to you and Joy on your exciting news! We are so very thrilled for you! Tell us as soon as you know if it will be pink or blue (are you all going to find out before the birth?) Hugs!

Comment by icaskey

I think that Huckabee will win the Republican Nomination. He is first in the nation, (, and is going to win SC and Florida for sure. I think people so want a good, solid president that they will vote him in, regardless of his views (not saying Bush is bad, but…)
Go Mike!

Comment by waformike

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