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It’s my Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to!
December 29, 2007, 6:49 pm
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This picture was taken at the end of her party – which we kept short, but, hey, it’s naptime and all these BOYS!! We begged Ella (in the purple on the left) and Aunt Tammy – not pictured here to come so we wouldn’t be too overrun with boys. This morning we held Merry’s first birthday party in the form of a breakfast tea. . . the menu consisted of three courses:

First Course:

  • Tea (or milk or juice for the children)
  • Cinnamon scones with cream and jam
  • Fruit filled cookie cups

Second Course:

  • Cream-filled strawberries
  • Veggie rolled omelet
  • Mango-cream-cheese filled crepes
  • img_0091.jpg

Third Course:

  • Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Tea, juice, milk
  • Wet towels to clean up with!


Now for my confessions:

  1. The cookie cups for the fruit cups were YUMMY, but not homemade – they were cut from the store package
  2. Scones are the easiest things to make! If you can make biscuits, you can make these! Try this scone recipe, and add a little more sugar and any spices you’d like.
  3. Fresh flowers cover up lots of cake mistakes – match your frosting to your flowers, not your flowers to your frosting!
  4. Use buttercream frosting to decorate after frosting with cream cheese if you like cream cheese frosting and still want a decorated look
  5. Crepes are one of the easiest things to make too, and you really have to do something pretty bad to ruin them.
  6. The best recipe for red velvet cake is found at your local grocery store with all the other Duncan Hines cake mixes
  7. Everyone needs an Aunt Tammy – she came and helped me out 30 minutes before the tea was to start since some of the preparations HAD to be done right before serving.
  8. Booster seats with straps are the bomb! No better way to have tea as a mommy of a toddler(s) than with your toddler!

Happy birthday to our beautiful Merry Anna! We love you and look forward the good things God will do in your life this next year!

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Fun! We had so much fun you throw a very awesome party girl! Read my take on the party! See you tomorrow!

Comment by stephi232

Very elegant–love your confessions! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Merry!

Comment by Cassie

Merry is so sweet! She’s even pretty when she’s crying! Her party looked like fun. Brianna said, “Grandma, Merry looks just like you when you were a baby!” I think she does too. I only hope she doesn’t look like me as an adult! She has that Davis look about her and looks like one of Great Grandpap – Pap’s baby pictures also. Love you, Mom

Comment by Debbie Caskey

how cute!
happy birthday merry.

Comment by rachel

I Love you guys and miss you so much Adina! Looking at your pictures makes me wish we could have moved along with you! If you would like to see current pics of us check out my myspace page

Love you Guys ! Lots of hugs & kisses! P.S. 2 more days & I’ll be done with Nursing school!

Comment by Liz

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