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Picture update…Caskey Hairstyles
December 17, 2007, 1:10 am
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Yes, we do have them, bad as they may be!


Merry with one of our new friends, Josiah (we had just finished a messy meal, we don’t usually let her play with boys in this condition) Check out the hairdo! This is the RESULT of a hairclip – NOTHING is actually holding it up – no gel, hairspray or clip of any kind!


Here is Elijah sporting his newest Daddy-military-style haircut (cut by Daddy too) He really does look like a Jeremy clone in that white t-shirt and khakis


These are the children’s stockings I made a few weeks ago, flanked by mine and Jeremy’s (the Star Wars one, made by me a few years ago)


Check out this beautiful smile! Here is Miss-Walking-Anywhere-I-Want-All-By-Myself peeking out from behind the shower curtain in our bathroom.


Elijah at Happy Cow – a cow farm in near Greenville, SC where we went with Aunt Naomi last week. Elijah’s obeying the sign, but the cow obviously can’t read.


Aunt Naomi sure can pick the kiddie outings! This was the best used bookstore we’d ever been in, and there was a llama, dogs, goats, chickens and horses to see there too! What a fun day!


It is what you think it is – and he’s really using it!


Elijah watches me using the potholder the other day, and before I know it he’s got one walking all over the house using it. After a while when things got quiet, I heard the front door open and I ran to catch him (one of our favorite acts of disobedience lately!) When I got to the front door, he hadn’t gone out, but was preparing to. This is what he looked like. So I asked him, “what are you doing?” To which he promptly answered, “I go library,” and showed me his grocery bag (the green thing he’s holding with the potholder hand) which held a few of his favorite library books.

“That’s a great idea, maybe we’ll have to go sometime soon, but can I take a picture of you first in front of the Christmas tree. . . no leave your hat on, it looks good with the potholder.”


St. Nicholas Day stockings! Lots of fun!


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I can’t believe how big Merry is!! She is so cute, and just turning into her own little persona more and more!!! I am still refusing that life has moved on with all of my friends, but I am very glad to see pictures of the kids looking so big and grown up!! Love the hair cut, the stockings (I think I may try to make Ian one!!), and the crazy hair – reminds me of Hannah!! We miss you all and love you lots!

Comment by Whitney

Hey Adina! Your pictures are so cute. I like your stockings–I’ve been having fun improving my sewing skills lately, so it was neat to see you’d made those yourself (I’m all into sewing right now:) Looks like we won’t be able to come for Christmas, but we are going to try to come in January. I will let you know. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Comment by Cassie

Have a very merry Christmas and happy birthday to Merry! The pictures and stories are great! It was great to see you guys this year, who knows, maybe it will happen again in 2008! Love you guys!

Comment by Deb

Elijah likes to go!!! 🙂

Comment by rachel

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