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We’re still here!
December 11, 2007, 1:07 am
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Just a quick note to say that we are still alive and well.  We visited my sister for a few days while Jeremy went to NC for work, and are enjoying the lovely weather in the seventies here lately!  I need to post some pics soon.

Merry is walking like a champ – more than she is crawling!  Elijah is so cute saying “good job” to her all the time when she does something.

St. Nicholas Day was fun here at our house and we enjoyed watching the children open their stockings. . . they both loved their new toothbrushes. . . one of the cheapest things of course!!   For books, since we all get one in our stocking, traditionally, Jeremy got Life with Father, Life with Mother and another – total – one old (antique or classic, who knows, but I got it at an old bookstore in Western SC) set of three stories in one volume that are amusing him.  Jeremy went more serious and got me Valley of Vision, a leather-bound selection of Puritan Prayers and meditations . . . they go perfectly with my study on Prayer that I’m doing.  Elijah got his very own copy of The Big Red Barn (I got tired of checking that one out all the time!!)  Merry got 1 is One by Tasha Tudor, one of my mom’s favorite authors and artists.

I’m going to do some baking like a good little homemaker 🙂  The house is quiet and I think everyone is asleep – yes, even Jeremy, and it’s just turned 8 PM!  He has been feeling under the weather again – this virus has really knocked him out.


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Glad to see you’re back posting. I get sad when I check and you have not posted anything new! What are you baking? I have a recipe from my step-mother that I just got the ingredients for today to the commissary. It is for fruit cake cookies. Sounds gross I know, but they are soo good. Super moist because you put buttermilk in them. They also have date, nuts and cherries. Oh, I think I better go make them!!
Love to you,

Comment by Kelly Lyle

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