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Growth updates
November 27, 2007, 11:27 am
Filed under: Elijah, Merry

Merry is mildly walking now; letting go of furniture and walls to walk 3 or 4 steps. She is also climbing (she seems to do this better than walking!) on everything. The items of climbing choice today were: the living room ottoman, everything on the big-kid playground, the couch, the block box in the playroom, and of course the rocking chair in the playroom. I guess every Mommy has to have a climber, and I guess she’s mine!

Yesterday she started laughing at herself, smiling real big and giggling this cute little laugh at any small thing, like she amuses herself or something. Cute and endearing – very girlish and sweet!

Elijah is doing very well on his letters and numbers. He recognized 4 and 5 today when I pulled them out of his pegboard basket. He asks about the sounds of everything he sees and touches. . . it is wearing us out “Whas dis soaund, mama?” or “Lion say BBB!?” “no, Elijah, Lion starts with Lll,” “oh. . .(on to the next item!)” We learned what rainbows are and he loved that because we got to read a whole storybook about Noah. . . evidently his favorite bible character right now. He left Sunday school this week saying “later alligator” as clear as day. I guess some weeks we remember bible truths and some weeks we remember toddler social graces (such as are required for toddlerhood)!