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Walking, Talking and Forever Friends
November 8, 2007, 5:09 am
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Visitors, visitors, what fun! Here is Elijah with some of his best friends, the Pavelka children from Omaha (yes, people have already come to visit us, can you believe it!) Notice the AWESOME almost-finished mural behind them on the playroom wall. It is a partial replica of the cover of one of Elijah’s favorite books The Big Red Barn. Artists contributing to the project include: Aunt Risa, Daddy, Mommy (believe it or not!) and Miss Tammy (one of Jeremy’s co-workers, who is obviously artistically talented)


Merry is growing very quickly. She has taken her first few steps, but isn’t terribly brave, unless, of course, she is climbing something. She loves to see her Daddy and they are such softies for each other – it is so sweet to watch. Elijah takes after his Daddy and is always saying, “hey, pretty girl” or “Mimi girl” just like Jeremy does. She has added a beautiful tender dimension to our family that is simply perfect.

This little Merry girl loves playing ball! And one isn’t enough – she likes one to carry and one to chew on – check out the huge grin on her face behind that checkered ball! She thinks it’s so funny to carry it around that way!


I finally catch her standing up on her own on camera – and she BLINKS! Gotta love that digital camera delay! Notice the little beach ball and her baby this time – she LOVES her babies and holds them and plays with them often now.


We have been staying busy lately with making friends, trying to get to know a church. We are sort of momentarily settled on a church about 15 minutes away. We aren’t making a commitment until we can give it some more time and get to know some of the believers there. The good thing is that there have been some good options for churches here, and that has been wonderfully encouraging.

Tomorrow is the first meeting/party of a freezer cooking club. I’m very excited that so many ladies were interested and I’m looking forward to lots of fun tomorrow and a stocked freezer at the end of the afternoon.

Today Elijah expanded his letter recognition to D, A and C (he noticed them on a sign or item in the grocery store this afternoon). I’d been kind of discouraged since he only recognized B for several weeks now, and I thought maybe he was stuck, but a week of review was all it took.

Potty training progress is going well. He did finally do number two in the toilet and does well as long as his big boy pants are on. He has become competent enough, now that he will change his own underwear if he finds a pair he likes better (maybe the ones with dinosaurs instead of the plain black ones, then an even better upgrade later in the day to his Cars pants.) We just have to laugh and enjoy the fun parts of this stage.

Elijah has started singing now – and sings (unintelligible, of course, except to Mommy!) My Jesus I Love Thee. You can recognize the tune, and “thee” comes out a very distinct “beebee.” I don’t know if this comes out of his fascination with the letter B, but who knows?! He also enjoys his Sunday School and his new friend from church “Asada” (Josiah).