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Potty Training Myth – Part Two. . .
October 30, 2007, 7:08 pm
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To protect the privacy and identity of the innocent, I post this blog without pictures. I’m sure some of you will thank me. . .

I wrote a blog a few months ago stating that we WERE NOT potty training, due to the upcoming move. Now that we are settled, we purchased some VERY cute “big boy pants” for the little man (poor guy, nothing is a secret in his life!) and extra fruit snacks (his favorite incentive) and took our first stab at it on Thursday of last week. We are taking it easy and so far we’ve seemed to have tackled “number one.” We put a pull-up on him when we go out and at nap and bedtime, just to keep the stress down. Once I feel he has mastered knowing when he needs to go, we will graduate to more advanced levels. At this simple level we have only had two accidents since thursday (both on the same day, so we have actually had one out of six days with an accident!)

“Number two” has been quite an interesting challenge. He seems to be afraid of doing it in the toilet. . . even though he goes “number one” on the big OR little toilet all by himself. Please leave comments if you have any ideas or suggestions in this department, or even funny stories about your little ones. . .

Speaking of numbers, we are on week four of our homeschooling, and Elijah is loving it and picking some things up and shocking me at times! You can check out the website where I get my ideas from at Letter of the Week He can recognize the letter B pretty much everywhere. . . he says the sound whenever he sees it “loot(k) mama – BBA!” he’ll say! He’ll see something with words or letters on it, bring it to me and say “where Bba mama?” or if there IS a B somewhere it it, he’ll say, “Loot mama, Bba!” We are having a hard time moving to C and D since he has decided to talk about B all the time, and no matter what we read or look at that has LOTS of D’s in them, somehow he manages to look and find the B’s! Needless to say, we are having a blast with this, and that’s what’s really important right now with his development and learning.

So you can picture us having school, here are some links to some cool “toys” we got for school. . . our favorite is listed first. . . even Daddy has been “learning” with these!

1. Wee Wedgits
2. Wooden Lacing Beads
3. Lauri Number Puzzle Board and Pegs
4. A few Discovery Toys (I have been a fan of these toys/educational manipulatives – finding them at garage sales are the best, but RARE to find, so I’ve finally broke down and bought a few we could use for school)

He gave his sunday school teachers a laugh this week when they told him that “one leper came back” after he was healed and Elijah would say “two!” thinking they were starting him off counting! In the car on the way home from church we talked to him about his sunday school lesson, and asked him how many lepers came back, and he answered correctly with one finger in the air “ONE!”

Merry is so close to walking and is taking a new interest in the toilet herself (thanks to big brother’s new skill there!) Sigh. . . I guess I’ll get a breather in 6 or 7 years!