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Dis’ My Sitser (Sister)
October 18, 2007, 8:55 am
Filed under: Elijah, family news, Merry

Nothing terribly exciting happening right now. Still working on unpacking/decorating and finding a church. We did get to visit Uncle Josh and Aunt Kelly, with cousins Brianna and Josh Jr. at their house in Jacksonville, North Carolina this past weekend – Grandma and Pap were down visiting too. It was good to see everybody. Josh is back from his second tour in Iraq.

We also know that Jeremy will be deployed in the spring for about 6-8 months. Anyone want to come take care of us?

Elijah and Merry are growing up so fast and I had to document a few things that they have done lately.

Merry is standing up on her own without holding on now, and claps for herself. It seems that she may be walking soon. She says mama, dada, something that might be brother, and hi. She LOVES to eat and wants to pick up everything herself and feed herself. She and Elijah are now both in booster seats at the table.

Elijah feeds himself more often and more efficiently with a spoon or fork, can drink out of a big boy cup, he has started singing things and asking for specific songs. He introduced Merry to a little boy that walked up to her at the playground “Dis’ my sitser” very proudly! They play so well together and get so excited when the other one wakes up from naps, or comes home from an outing.

Elijah has totally enjoyed a new book we are using for devotions that my parents had called, The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes. This old one is out of print but can be bought used on Amazon (the new one has corny cartoon drawings -nothing like the old version). He asks for some lessons over, and now seems to understand that obeying God is the same as obeying mommy and daddy.

He is so funny – whenever you ask him a question that is about the bible or God or something, instead of answering “God” or “Jesus” like most kids to every question, he answers “obee” (obey)! I guess you can tell what lesson we have been learning over and over lately!