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Auw Nooo Hause (Our New House)
October 1, 2007, 8:28 pm
Filed under: Move to SC

This is what Elijah now calls our home at 1508-B James Avenue, Charleston AFB, SC 29404.  For a while he called hotels and billeting “our new house” so I’m relieved to establish a little more reality in his and Merry’s life with a new home of our own. 

I feel disjointed, out of place, like I don’t fit . . . but I guess that’s how it goes.  Even though it is beautiful here, it still is earth.  I’m trying to just let that feeling sit with me, instead of fighting it – perhaps I should ALWAYS feel a little disjointed here on earth – since I don’t really belong to it.  However, it has hit me harder with this move than any.  Today we finally got a stove, washer and dishwasher that work. . . we’ve been kind of camping out because those items weren’t working. 

God has been so very good to us – when we decided to take on-base housing (the day before our goods arrived) I called my sister Roseann who lives 3 hours away and she drove down that very evening to be here when the movers dropped our stuff off the next morning.  She has a 2-month-old, and her husband is deployed.  PRAISE GOD for SISTERS!!  She has been a lifesaver and a huge help.  Everyone needs a Roseann (to borrow a Dr. Seuss line). 

I will write more when we get internet (tomorrow hopefully) and talk with some of you when we get our phone (which should be on the 3rd or 4th of October)

 1508-B James Avenue

Charleston AFB, SC 29404

(843) 278-2337