The Caskey Family

Home Sweet Charleston
September 26, 2007, 2:23 am
Filed under: Move to SC

We have arrived in Charleston and Jeremy checked into his unit this morning. The base is very pretty, as is the rest of the area that we have had time to see. We are staying right near the river tonight (near downtown) and will get billeting on base tomorrow afternoon.

We saw two houses today on base . . . we won’t ever get anything quite as beautiful as what we had in Nebraska, but the homes here have benefits of their own. I think we ruled out purchasing or renting off-base tonight, but will see what happens as we see more houses on base.

The children are doing well, though we are all struggling to get over this cough/cold thing we have had for a few days now. They were champs on the road trip! Elijah has asked for some of his friends including “Cwiss” (Moro) “Ruschel” and “Haddah.”

We will update this blog as soon as we get a chance when we have a good phone number.

We miss so much of what/who we have grown to love. . .this will be VERY GOOD, though, I keep reminding myself!