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Digestive cleanse – Palmolive or Purell?
August 15, 2007, 1:28 am
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This blog is for all my mommy friends. . . there could be much worse things, right?!

A few days ago while we were at Kelly’s in NC I hear this choking sound coming from the bathroom where Elijah had just gone to wash his hands – I rush in and find him holding the Purell bottle and trying to wipe his tongue off with his hand – he had obviously tried it to see what flavor it was. After a conversation about eating yucky stuff that isn’t food, we have breakfast.

The next morning Elijah makes another attempt at ingesting soap. . . this time after breakfast – Kelly and I catch him repeatedly drinking the soapy (Palmolive) water from a bucket that was being used to clean some outdoor play equipment (he was “helping” of course). I say to Kelly, “Oh well, it’s just soap, I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

Fast forward to dinner time. Elijah reaches across the table (a beautiful shrimp and veggie alfredo just served) and says “hold you mommy” which means “hold me,” so I reach out, take him in my lap and proceed to eat. . . but before I can get a bite in, he loses the contents of his stomach out all over me and the table, floor and other items around us. Some (the younger ones) watch in amazement . . . how could so much come out of so little a body? Others proceed to the bathroom gagging; it was gruesome. As we attempt a cleanup it dawns on me that what I recognized in what landed on my lap was all the way from breakfast . . . soon after which he had consumed the palmolive water. Poor guy. He had only one more bout of sickness the next evening, and is back to his old self. Needless to say, I think he’s given up his soap-tasting hobby – at least for a little while!

Here’s a sweet pic of the little guy watching his littlest cousin, Lumina in her bassinette


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I am so glad he was okay! Laura is forever putting things in her mouth that are potentially poisonous (Especially outside–berries, mushrooms. . .) and I am soooo very grateful that she is still alive.

Will be praying for you as you get ready to move.


Comment by Cassie

Adina, He looks like he is holding some kind of little animal and she is like “NOOOOOO” that is such a sweet pic…. miss you hope all is well…. I will call you in the morning I think…. ROseann

Comment by Roseann

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