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August 13, 2007, 2:09 am
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Jeremy writes,
The picture says it all. I got a Nintendo Wii for my birthday, with a smile to match the kid in the candy store. In nearly 20 years of video game experience I have never been sore from playing video games til now. If you don’t know already the Nintendo Wii gameplay is involved – to play baseball or golf you swing the controller as you would the bat or club, to box you punch with both hands. Why I’m explaining this is beyond me – most of you already know. After all we do inhabit the same planet. Perhaps I write this explanation for our New Zealand audience. 🙂

I’ve also enjoyed creating characters called Mii’s that look exactly like members of my family. I’ve also been able to download old Nintendo games from the internet like Contra 3 and Super Mario World. Yeah!

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Yeah! I like the Subermario. It’s fun but the first part is long. Congratulations! Did you get my card! I miss yall. I’ll see u at Thanksgiving. I’m heading to SC Thursday for 6 days.Sorry I missed yall. Call me when yall get time. I love you! P.S. I saw Anthony and Lori at Waller with Jacob and thier adopted baby girl who has red hair! she’s a sweetheart!

Comment by Beth

Wow, you truly are a dork! LOL! Silly video games. Wait, I did fall in love with guitar hero… It was incredibly awesome to see you guys again! We need to do this more often!

Comment by Deb

Hey! Peter got one for his birthday too – the kid saved up $100 of his own money to get one – pretty good for an 11-12 year old! Hope all is well with you all – I cant believe how the kids have changed in all the pictures! That just cannot be Merry! Hope you all will be back in NE sometime soon =)
Happy Birthday Jeremy from the Gottsch Family!

Comment by Angie

It was fun playing Wii with you. I never thought I’d see the day?! Hey – spell Wii with 2 capital I’s and it’s World War 2! HaHa! Hope you enjoy it. As for me – I’ll stick to SIMS2!
Love, Mom

Comment by Debbie Caskey

Hey Beth, Good to hear from you. Did you get a Wii too? Who got one? Daniel? Have you played the game on XBox 360 called Beautiful Katamari? It’s really fun. I think you’d like it. It’s coming out for Wii too. I can’t wait to play Wii with you at Thanksgiving. I look forward to seeing you. We need to do something about your hope chest – as we are really close if not over our weight limit for moving. Were Anhony and Lori just visiting Waller or did they move back from Texas.

Deb, truly enjoyed seeing you again and meeting your husband. As for the dorkiness I learned from the best Master Sergeant around…YOU! You big goof.

Angie, we’re back! We need to schedule a photo shoot for the kids one last time before the military moves us to Charleston.

Mom, You’d be curious to know that Elijah has played the Wii too. He pitches the baseball quite well and even hit a couple! They have a new Sims game on the Wii – not to tempt you. I wonder how the interactive controls come into play on that version. Hmm. Maybe I can rent it on your next visit.

Comment by Jeremy

Have no idea really of what you are all on about. Should’ve had boys! You are welcome to educate me Jeremy when I am next in the states, though I may feel the need for a nap after having this interactive fun.
Mwahs to you big time,

Comment by Grandma Rebecca

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