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July 26, 2007, 1:06 am
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Sorry for the long delay in a post. . . we are now in Pittsburgh for the week visiting Jeremy’s parents, grandmother and other relatives while Jeremy has his summer “exodus” from school. It has been so good to spend time with Jeremy for more than two days in a row! We will post pictures as soon as we can get on this blog with the right computer. We will return to the DC area later this week and spend Jeremy’s 29th birthday with him (Tuesday the 31st) then head out to North Carolina to visit Merry and Elijah’s first baby cousin on my side of the family (see below) and two of their other cousins on Jeremy’s side. Hopefully we will spend a week in NC and return to the DC area to spend one last weekend before seeing Jeremy graduate and head back home!!! Yeah!! We hope to be home by the 17th or so of August. God has been so very good to us!

Lumina Joy Cryer was born to my sister Roseann and her husband Joshua last friday around ONE AM!!! What a time to arrive! She is a beautiful sweet baby and is healthy and strong! We praise God for her safe arrival and my sister’s good health in delivering her! Anyway, I can’t wait to see her!

Updates on the children: Elijah is saying more and more getting taller. He now sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (translated by mommy of course!) and prays (translation also provided by mommy as well!) His favorite foods now reflect our beautiful summer diet: french fries, “meat” candy, ice cream, cookies, juice (anything other than water or milk) hot dogs (can be the actual item or brats, breakfast sausage or any other round shaped meat!) Merry is ALMOST crawling – getting around everywhere, doing raspberries constantly and cut her first tooth yesterday. She is eating solid foods three times a day and her diet is beginning to vary considerably!

Jeremy’s grandmother is calling me a gypsy because of our vagabond lifestyle this summer, and we laugh. . . because she’s right! I have loved spending time with my children and my husband, sharing Jesus with more than just those in my “holy huddle,” learning to enjoy the feeling of not having roots here on earth. I had no idea when we started out on this adventure that this would be where I would end up.

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Happy Birthday Jeremy!! (it’s your birthday here in New Zealand already) We awoke to your special day and wished you well. Many blessings to you and your precious family.
Keep up the good work, Adina. You are such a great mum! Loads of kisses and hugs to E & M +++ some to Lumina Joy! Send our blessings and congratulations to Roseann and Joshua when you see them please. We miss and love all of you over in the beautiful U.S. of A.
XXXOOO Rebecca (and Shenae & Chloe)

Comment by Grandma Rebecca

Thank you for well wishing. You are greatly missed here.

Comment by icaskey

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