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July 11, 2007, 11:56 pm
Filed under: Elijah, Merry


Here is a picture of our latest favorite activity: reading library books. I haven’t made it a consistent part of our family schedule when we are home, but have plenty of time here to! I’m never going back! Elijah loves the same books over and over and I am tired of expending so much energy trying not to throw up every time he brings me his favorite book or two at home. Now with library books, when I get tired of a book we make a trip to the library and trade it in (along with the rest we checked out) and he comes up with a new favorite for the week.

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This is what I did when Sydney was a little younger than Elijah, about 18-19 months. I was extremely pregnant (about 7-8 months) and I would sit in a chair and she would bring me books and I would read all morning. There were a few that I just couldn’t stand, and I eventually got rid of them. 🙂 But, we did discover the Forrest City library rather quickly and it was nice to have some new “favorites” for the week. 🙂

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