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July 9, 2007, 10:57 am
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I’m not as far along as I should be – I’ve just finished chapter five (that was a long one!) and have started chapter six. If you haven’t done chapter five yet, I think you could do it in two weeks (that’s how long I’ve taken – doing it more in depth) and get more out of it. I have tried to examine my life and my children’s lives along side the study of the wise, fool, mocker and simple.

As I completed each chart of scriptures, I have used different markings for myself (things that I engage in even in my thought life, or tendencies I have) and for mainly Elijah as Merry has yet to display a real need for too much training. I also marked where I have seen progress in training with Elijah with a smiley face. Even though this chapter was not on child discipline, it is at the heart of godly discipline and parenting, because it really helped me see what I want my child to have (a wise heart) and what I want to train him away from (foolishness, naivety and scoffing). And the study of the wise was amazing – it makes me want to walk in that path more myself and lead my children that way with me!)

I am interested in all your responses to the question on page 64 (Summary: If I am wise and righteous, can I expect only good (and no trouble) in life?) Please call me when you all meet and end up discussing that, or share your responses here in the comments.

I am a bit homesick lately. Tomorrow Jeremy will be 2/3 the way through and we will only have about two weeks left in this house and two weeks of visiting family – one up in Pittsburgh and one down in North Carolina, but I wish we could all get together this week sometime!! I almost cry sometimes when I get up in the morning and ask Elijah what he would like to do today and he mentions one of your children’s names. He has no idea that more than anything I would like him to be able to play with “Sid or Iia” or “Ha-uh” or “Ba-auh and Mo-ee”!

HOWEVER. . . I am so grateful that God has given us the opportunity to be so close to Jeremy. We have had good bible teaching here at the church we used to go to in Maryland (see Jeremy’s blog) and there has been much for us to do. We have visited Baltimore, Alexandria and Annapolis in addition to DC a few times. We cannot wait to see you all and enjoy the laid-back warmth of the Midwest.

Please give hugs to your children from us and remind them that we still exist and can’t wait to see them soon!

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I just finished the first day of lesson 6 this morning. I, too, took longer on lesson 5, taking 2 days to do some of the days and not doing them all in a row. I was amazed by the comparison of fools and toddlers. That was eye-opening, because I wouldn’t have thought about it quite like that.

We can’t wait to see you, too, Adina! We’ll have to have a play date. 🙂

Comment by Joy Folken

Miss you too sister! Before long you will be sick and tired of us :)! I will call when I get up to speed on bible study!


Comment by Ian, Whitney, and Hannah Wade

Hi Adina.

I obviously am not in this study with you, but I was really encouraged by this post. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, and we just started going to the library too. It’s been fun:)

Love you, sis,

Comment by Cassie

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