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Dispelling the Potty Training Myth
July 8, 2007, 11:55 pm
Filed under: family news

For those of you who think Elijah is potty training himself – and are starting to hate me for having that task so easy. . . be comforted . . . Elijah is NOT training himself – he is interested in the toilet and enjoys the “canny” (candy) that results when he uses it!  We could walk this road for months, though, maybe even a whole year or more, who knows!  I’m still not pushing it and just letting him use it if he asks (except his most recent request which was in a department store restroom that I think was the grossest bathroom I’ve ever seen in my entire life – no exaggeration!)

Now that he is officially two years old, he has started insisting on doing things HIMSELF and we laugh at some of the phrases that are coming out “I shut dooooor” “I go libilly” (I’m going to the library – after he has put his own shoes on) “I ge Mimi” (I’ll get Mimi) and most recently telling Merry to “obee” (obey) when she’s doing something he thinks she shouldn’t do including touching one of his toys.

Merry is “talking” lots including “mamama” and “bababa” and making raspberries.  She also likes to splash in the bathtub, which of course invites the two-year-old-boss-brother to correct this behavior.  She has really started interacting with Elijah and laughs when she sees him, lets him read to her and is entertained by his playing of his plastic kazoo.  She is really starting to be a little girl – her voice is so pretty, light, high and sweet when she talks.