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Independence Day! Family Visit! New Words! Potty Training?
July 5, 2007, 2:43 am
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Jeremy writes,
Happy Fourth of July everyone! We got up early and drove down to the DC Metro rail and took the train into DC and then over to Alexandria, Virginia. Alexandria is a pretty, old town with lots of shops and bricked streets, located on the Potomac, south of DC. We got to peek our heads into the law office that Adina used to work at. The business is no longer there, but it was neat to see where Adina spent 40 hours a week for about a year. We got some ice cream, candy, ate at a chili restaurant, fed some more ducks (I think we’ve now fed nearly every duck in the greater DC area), saw a ton of dogs (which Elijah enjoyed), and got in at least a couple miles of walking. Merry slept most of the way. We were home by 1:30 for naps. I took a three hour one myself – must have needed it.

Adina and the kids dropped me off at the normal time after we played with some sparklers with Elijah and Merry. I had the opportunity of enjoying a professional fireworks show right here on Fort Meade from my bedroom. While everyone else is driving home from the show, I am composing this, listening to Bach’s cello suites. What a treat to celebrate our countries independence through the personal freedom of seeing it from your own bed!

This past weekend we also had the opportunity of having my parents visit us. My brother Joe was here also, having recently come back from a two year assignment in Okinawa. He stayed the weekend and the kids thoroughly enjoyed grandparents and “Joooe.” He’s heading to his new assignment in his new Ford Mustang. He’s being assigned to Camp Lejune, NC, where my brother Josh and his family are also stationed. He said that it was cool to see 4 of his nieces and nephews all in one day after being gone 2 years.

Since I saw Adina and the kids on the weekend Merry has been talking! She says “Ma ma ma.” Whether or not she’s associating it with Adina, herself (Me Me), or just randomly, we light up to hear her say it. She’s growing up so fast. I can’t wait for this school to end so that I can see them every night.

In other news Elijah has taken it upon himself to start potty training. We were thinking of waiting until we settled into our new assignment before starting. With all of the changes and road trips we thought it might be a little confusing to start now. But far be it from us getting in the way of progress – he’s doing it (and both types too)! It’s actually quite interesting to see him do it. He doesn’t require any help, getting on all by himself, he faces the rear of the toilet and holds on. Hopefully I’m not being too graphic. Rest assured there will not be pictures published of this! I’m proud of that little guy.

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We,re proud of you too Elijah! Keep up the good work! You’re a big kid now (as the commercial says)!

Grandma and Pap

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