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Three Incredible Blessings
June 15, 2007, 10:35 am
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Jeremy writes,
It has been an amazing week! By God’s sovereign grace we have accomplished three milestones – some of which were years in the making – others more recent.

1. I made Technical Sergeant this year! After missing the cutoff by one point last year I made it this year. I’m nowhere close to being a rich man (monetarily), but feel like it anyway with the additional money, authority, etc. Exciting!

2. After ten years in the making I finished my Bachelors degree too! I still needed two additional credits to graduate, but asked if my military credits towards my new job I’m taking may apply (Video Broadcasting). I have had my nose so firmly pressed to the grind stone on this I didn’t even think that these new credits may apply. I had planned to take an independent study this summer. Thanks to my 84 year old Grandma who had the sense to ask if this military class I was taking this summer applied towards my degree. I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks Grandma! After ten years I should be a doctor!

3. On a smaller scale, but still a big deal for me, I made it through the first functional area of Video Broadcasting: Basic Writing and Announcing Skills. I did well in writing and wasn’t as concerned with that portion. I was however, concerned with passing Announcing Skills (where you read news copy in a sound booth to an instructor). I knew going in that I needed a lot of work on my speaking skills. I tend to talk fast and low, and mush my words. The class taught me to slow down, articulate, breathe properly, and overemphasize word endings and meaning-laden words. I squeaked by and have significantly improved – according to Adina and my Mom and Grandma, who all have trouble understanding me.

Praise be to God for great things he has done. It is only by His will and mercy that I was able to do any of these things. It feels great to be done with the first two. I feel like Christian in Pilgrims Progress who just had his load taken off his back. I know what I went through was no where as serious as that (Christian’s load was his sin, mine was already taken from Christ), but it’s a fitting picture none the less.

Happy Birthday Elijah!
June 13, 2007, 3:48 pm
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Elijah celebrated his second birthday on the Washington DC mall and now says “happy biday” to everyone he meets (I guess he thinks it’s like hello, or something!) His favorite part of DC so far is the ducks, squirrels and dirty fountains he isn’t allowed to climb into! I will post pictures soon – we are not getting to internet but about once a week.

Merry is rolling over lots and pushing up on her knees!!

Made it to Florida
June 6, 2007, 10:58 am
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Jeremy writes,
Just a quick note to let everyone know that Adina and the kids flew out yesterday and are safely in Florida. Adina’s sister, Naomi flew down from Greenville, SC to pick up our van in Miami and visit her friends (since she once lived there). She drove 30 minutes north to Ft. Lauderdale and picked up Adina and the kids. They drove a few hours north last night before stopping at a hotel.

Keep them in prayers today, because they drive to Greenville, SC to Naomi’s for the night. Adina says the van is really nice! We were fortunate enough to borrow a portable DVD player from the Pavelka’s, so Elijah is able to watch some movies to break up the trip.

Randy Whitman, Jr. is staying at our house in Nebraska this summer to watch the dogs. The Lord provides for all. Randy is home from Moody Bible Institute this summer to be with his parents and siblings and was excited to have a place of his own, to relax and study – away from four younger siblings still at home. We are very thankful for Randy. When I went to Moody’s Founder’s Week earlier this year, my parents and I met up with him for some sessions and lunch – I can still remember that delicious, deep-dish Chicago pizza. Wow!

If you need to get a hold of us, the blog will still be checked and updated regularly, or if you are in Nebraska, feel free to stop by and see Randy.

Recent Photo Shoot
June 4, 2007, 6:21 pm
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dscn2691.jpg dscn2707.jpg

dscn2712.jpg dscn2695.jpg

Biggest Blessings
June 2, 2007, 3:44 am
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Since I have been single-parenting lately I have been amazingly blessed by uncommon acts of service to our family. I thought it might be a blessing to see some of them listed. And it’s an informal thank you to all of you who have served us – you and GOD know who you are!

  • Assistance in getting to my car at church
  • Picnics brought to our house and teenagers who play with Elijah and wear him out
  • Male friends who roughhouse with Elijah as only men can!
  • Two young ladies who have served me by helping me with my children on two different days! You have made me SO productive!
  • Friends who ask how we are, and offer their help
  • Last minute babysitters
  • Invitations to homecooked meals, fellowship and entertainment of my children
  • Lawns mowed, trash put out at the curb and brought back up
  • Phone calls to both me and Jeremy
  • Many many prayers prayed for our family