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June 25, 2007, 2:33 am
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Jeremy writes,
The Good Lord in heaven has blessed me in abundance with an incredible helpmate in Adina. I have had very little homework on this past three day weekend and had time to think of the taste of heaven God has given me here on earth in her. She is a picture of Christ to me. Here are just a few of the things that I love about this superwoman…

Adina has been sleeping on a couple of sleeping bags hear in Maryland just so that she and the kids can be near me during my cross-training. I join them on weekends, and they usually drive up mid-week for dinner and a walk. She cooks with a minimum amount of supplies and appliances. If she wants to sit, she sits on her sleeping bag. Never does she complain. I had to get her (more likely for me) a foam egg carton mattress pad to make it more accommodating. As a farm girl, Adina knows how to rough it. Growing up with 7 siblings, she knows how to do without. I am thankful for my hearty girl.

For any of you who knows Adina well, you know how internet savvy she is. She usually spends at least an hour a day: paying bills, e-mailing loved-ones, posting blogs, researching anything and everything from school curriculum for the kids some day to our next big purchase (vehicle, etc.). All that to say, Adina has made a tremendous sacrifice in this area as she only is able to get on the internet on the weekends when I bring my laptop. I appreciate how she has maximized her limited time. She’s even found time to research birthday/graduation gift for me (can’t wait to see what it is!).

Adina, aka “Queen of the Garage-Salers,” aka “Baroness of Bargains,” is incredible at saving us money. I’ll only highlight her most recent find – our new van. She looked hard to find it. I am so thankful for it – it’s been really useful during this vagabond summer.

Always one to pinch pennies, Adina has prepared several picnics for us as we are either out for the day or if they’re visiting me. It’s saved my wallet and belly from eating food out.

I am very thankful for how diligent Adina has been in keeping up with her Proverbs study. This little Proverbs 31 woman has been so encouraging to me spiritually with her copious note taking and scriptural insight. She spurs me on to spiritual maturity. I have been running us ragged on Sundays traveling on the Metro and by foot down to Capitol Hills Baptist Church. In my zeal I may have been thinking about what’s best for us theologically, but perhaps not practically or realistically. Adina (submissively) suggested we try our old church, First Baptist Church of Upper Marlboro. We were at a much different point in our lives spiritually when we were members (ages 21, 22 respectively), so I was a little hesitant. But we did, and it was sound. The pastor unpacked Romans 9. I can’t wait to hear the rest. Providentially, we happened to attend on “Homecoming Day” – where several old members came back. We didn’t attend this church for very long and didn’t put down many roots – but it was neat to be asked to stand if you were once a member here. After service they had a huge picnic/barbecue on the grounds. It was great. I am thankful for Adina’s suggestion. She is an incredible helpmate.

Adina has done a magnificent job in raising the kids virtually on her own while I attend school. I am so thankful to have a wife who values keeping our family together, no matter what the aforementioned sacrifices. Adina left friends, church, and home comforts to keep us together, and I am eternally grateful. God has blessed me in abundance with two wonderful children and a mother who values their father more than her felt needs or their playmates. It’s hard to not write this without wanting to cry. What an incredible blessing to have them here!

Selfless is her watchword. If I haven’t already said it she only thinks of others. I offered to send her down the road this weekend while I watched the kids for her to get a Swedish massage at a spa. She turned it down, saying that she wanted to save money for my birthday gift. Her actions make me ask myself if I’m that selfless towards her. Not always. I am blessed by her. She is quick to ask me how I am doing and how my class is. Truthfully, I’d rather just hear what she and the kids are doing.

Leave a comment and let Adina know what she means to you. She only checks this on weekends and could use a word of encouragement. She looks forward to the weekends when she can check the blog and see who’s posted a comment. Share a story or just send an encouraging word. That’s one other big thing she has sacrificed this summer by being here with me – family and friends. We love you!

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THE FRIEND – Adina, you are a fantastic friend and the first one in a long time that I click so well with. I have learned so much from you in the short time we have known each other and I’m so bummed that you have to leave. However, I know we will remain friends because of our love for the internet, bargains, and our great e-mail communication. Hopefully I’ll be able to call you soon!

Comment by Joy Folken

I have known for many years what a selfless person Adina truly is. She is my hero and inspiration in so many ways! This site reinforces so many things for me- the love of family, friends, and god. Thank you for all that both of you do- as a military family, as an inspirational family, and as good friends!

Comment by Deb

You are great! I don’t know if I have ever had a friend that is so stable and centered around God and family. You are patient, understanding, and willing to do whatever it takes for anyone in need. You deserve the best, and I am glad that you have such an openly loving husband that writes such beautiful things about you! Keep treasuring each other as you do, your relationship is an excellent example of how marriages should be!

Love and miss you all,
Kiss the kids for me,

Comment by Whitney

Adina-I love to hear your sweet voice everytime you call, so loving and caring. Your kids are beautiful and I am so happy for the growth your family is making on every level. Love you!

Comment by Kelly

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