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Made it to Florida
June 6, 2007, 10:58 am
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Jeremy writes,
Just a quick note to let everyone know that Adina and the kids flew out yesterday and are safely in Florida. Adina’s sister, Naomi flew down from Greenville, SC to pick up our van in Miami and visit her friends (since she once lived there). She drove 30 minutes north to Ft. Lauderdale and picked up Adina and the kids. They drove a few hours north last night before stopping at a hotel.

Keep them in prayers today, because they drive to Greenville, SC to Naomi’s for the night. Adina says the van is really nice! We were fortunate enough to borrow a portable DVD player from the Pavelka’s, so Elijah is able to watch some movies to break up the trip.

Randy Whitman, Jr. is staying at our house in Nebraska this summer to watch the dogs. The Lord provides for all. Randy is home from Moody Bible Institute this summer to be with his parents and siblings and was excited to have a place of his own, to relax and study – away from four younger siblings still at home. We are very thankful for Randy. When I went to Moody’s Founder’s Week earlier this year, my parents and I met up with him for some sessions and lunch – I can still remember that delicious, deep-dish Chicago pizza. Wow!

If you need to get a hold of us, the blog will still be checked and updated regularly, or if you are in Nebraska, feel free to stop by and see Randy.


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Heard the rumor(s) of 1 CTCS and I guess it’s true! I know you’ll do an outstanding job there.

Comment by Mike

Hi there,

Just wanted to say hi and say you all are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Everyone asks about you and we miss you already! Will you have Adina call me when she can!


Comment by Whitney

Mike (Kaplan),
Wow, word sure does travel fast to you. Did you find out about this on the blog or through the chain of command? If you found out on this blog then good guess as to 1 CTCS (cause I never mentioned it specifically (I don’t think) – where else would a Video Broadcaster go on Charleston, right? I appreciate your vote of confidence. It’s curious, that another Graphics troop has orders to my Med Group slot at Offutt. I’m wondering how long that will last. Keep in touch through the blog. Glad to see you checking it.

Comment by Jeremy Caskey

Hey you guys! This is a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Elijah today!! Whoo hoo you are 2!!
Tried to ring today (1am my time) but my phone card won’t allow me to ring a cell. Wow Adina, when you can get to a landline, let me know, k?
Love you guys heaps and especially Elijah on his special day. Hugs and kisses from Grandma sweetheart. (Mwah to Merry too)

Comment by Grandma Rebecca

Just wanted to say happy birthday to my favorite birthday sharing person! Love ya’ll and happy happy birthday Elijah!

Comment by Deb

You dont seem to answer jeremy@caskeycre…. I forget who told me… Danielle Dull has an assignment there too….

Comment by MIKE

I have not been able to check my caskeycreative e-mails this summer here at billeting (why I don’t know). I created a GI mail account that you can get a hold of me at,

Comment by icaskey

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