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First Visit to the Dentist
May 23, 2007, 9:40 pm
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dscn2610.jpg dscn2613.jpg

Elijah was so well behaved it was amazing! We had practiced a bit at home and I really tried to talk it up. He loved the water squirter – he kept asking the dentist for “mo’ gaga pease” and the “iceam” she used to polish his teeth with.

And mommy loved the free kids meal at Applebees we got for his good behavior!   That will come in handy soon.

If only the dentist was this easy our whole life!

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Hi Adina.

They do grow up so fast. I can’t believe yours is already going to the dentist! Our dentist calls the water thing, Mr. Thirsty, and I don’t remember what other cute names she calls the other things–my kids always talk about it. Unfortunately we can’t keep our dentist now that we are out of the Air Force, because they are not part of our insurance network! 😦

Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I love you, sis!


Comment by Cassie

Just wanted to say hey and see how things were going. I feel like I’ve been a little rude, not saying what a pleasure it was to meet you and your little family…not to mention the food at the China Buffett was wonderful. I want you to know also that I’m praying for you as you all transistion between places. Sounds like things are going well. Hunter was great at the dentist his first time too, Jordynn was another story. She’s our little drama queen. Hang in there girl! Please give us a ring when you get back in town. We would love to have ya’ll over for dinner!! Earnestly Contending,

Comment by Kari Pope

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