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Summer Vacation?
April 17, 2007, 2:08 am
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Merry in Bumbo seat

Jeremy received news today that he will be attending his cross-training school in Fort Meade Maryland from May 17 to August 13. Our plans are to travel with him for a good portion of the time he is there. Details to come. . .

Somehow we will make the road trip to DC from Nebraska. Please email or post if you would like us to detour through where you live. . . only if you are somewhat on the way, please! Sorry Joe, we aren’t going to stop in California on the way to DC!

Tonight Elijah sleeps in his big boy bed for the first night. Recent new word attempts include okay, “more milk and cereal,” cute (referring to Merry) Christian (the name of his friend next door which ends up sounding like “choo-choo”) poop and peepee, help, dada’s work, playground, shirt, ice cream and anything else he decides to copy.

Merry sits in her Bumbo seat and can push herself up on her arms when she plays on the floor on her tummy. She is giggling out loud now and so sweet to have in our family.


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I just realized that you can’t lead our freezer club all summer – major bummer! Plus, no Bible study. 😦 And…no teaming up on garage sales. This is sounding worse and worse. Maybe if you gave us freezer access over the summer, it would soften the blow. 🙂

Comment by Joy

Well, if you happen through the Wright Pat area in Ohio, let me know! We should have a house set up by then, so if ya need a place to stay then our home is open! 🙂 Is Jeremy going into AFN?

Comment by Deb

Joy, my freezer is your freezer. . .and no one said the bible study is off. . . we could still have it – I still plan to read my bible on vacation and you and I talk more via email than any other means, right?! And about garage sales. . . we’ll swap kids’ measurements and hit DC and Omaha sales – twice the coverage! 🙂

Comment by icaskey

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