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My Daddy’s Coming Home
April 11, 2007, 6:58 am
Filed under: Elijah

Almost every day we get to have Jeremy home for lunch. I usually have to wait until I know he is on his way because mayhem ensues as soon as Elijah hears anything that even sounds like Daddy.

Yesterday when he was done with his breakfast, he went over to the phone, picked it up and started talking to “daddy,” so I made the real call and let him talk. Around 11 after Elijah had “helped” me make pizza and calzones for lunch (same ingredients, different form) I called Jeremy to let him know lunch would be ready soon. Elijah overheard me talking with him and started the daddy’s-coming-home-crazy-toddler thing. Yelling all over the house, “DADA!!” “DADA!!” I try to calm him by giving him something to do, “Elijah, why don’t you come over to the couch and watch for his bike out the window.” “Bike! DADA!” Running over to the couch, shouting out the window and back again to the front door. More of the same. Mommy just hopes daddy doesn’t get held up by a customer at the last minute.

On the heels of a recent study “Thinking Heavenward,” I couldn’t help but think of how I am called to look forward to and hasten the day (2 Peter 3:12) that Christ Jesus returns for the Church. I wondered how it would look if I had Elijah’s attitude toward my Redeemer’s return. Am I even half that ecstatic? And I have heaven and eternity to be excited about – Elijah just has lunch and 45 minutes with his Dad. When I think about Christ’s return (on a white horse, not a black bike, of course) does it thrill my heart and make me want to drop what I am doing to look for Him or even talk with Him and tell Him I look forward to seeing Him? The more the Holy Spirit trains my heart toward God and His Word, the more I find myself recognizing that I don’t belong to this earth, I’m just traveling through on my way to eternity. (Hebrews 11:14, 16)

So, now that I’ve been taught by my child about heaven, what practical things can I do to teach both my children about heaven? What do you do in your home to remind your children or family about heaven?