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Freezer Cooking Club – April Party
April 10, 2007, 8:54 am
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In the spirit of Proverbs 31:14-18 and 20, once again, it is time to start planning for our next cooking club party! Yeah! You can visit Joy Folken’s Blog about OAMC for a good description. Kinda’ combined once-a-month-cooking with a cooking club and revised it to work with our little freezer space. For those of you interested, I’ve included a few sites below that give ideas, recipes and hints for freezer cooking.

During the last two months I have cooked triple batches of 5 different recipes and ended up with 15 meals to use throughout the month when days get hectic or I want to be out of the house for the morning.

I’m going to try to keep this cooking thing reasonable, even though Jeremy, my sweetheart of 9 years gave me a used upright freezer for our basement for an anniversary gift a few weeks ago! I never would have imagined an ugly avocado green freezer would be romantic to me. . .but hey, things change when you become a mommy, right?!

Here is the schedule, details and “assignments” for our cooking party:
Our goals:
1. To cook 5 double recipes (10 or 15 meals total) to freeze for emergency meals for our family for the next month
2. To share recipe and meal ideas with each other
3. To enjoy fellowship and encourage each other

Thursday: Meet at my house 7-8 PM for meal planning, grocery list making, and planning for the actual cooking day
1. At least 5 recipes you plan to make for your family at the party – written out on cards or in a notebook
2. Recipe books/resources you got your recipes from for sharing with the group
3. Grocery ads if you aren’t shopping at the Commissary
4. Pen, paper, notebook, cooking journal, or binder

Friday: Grocery shopping on your own

Saturday: Meet at my house from 11AM to 4PM to cook and package meals for freezing
We will determine what each person will bring (besides the groceries to cook the meals) on Thursday.

My goal is to have cleanup done BY 4PM.

Two new cookbooks that have some GREAT freezer recipes and instructions – If you only buy one, this is the ONE to get!

I would like to challenge each of you to DO Proverbs 31:20 and consider finding someone who could use a meal this month. I know we all live on tight budgets, but I have found that God faithfully provides abundantly as we obey Him in serving and ministering to others.

Now all we have to do is pick a weekend this month – I’m free (right now) any weekend except next weekend (the 21st).

So, if you want to join the cooking party and live in or near Bellevue Nebraska. . . or would like to fly or drive to cook with us (I can only hope, right?!) please email me or comment.


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Hey Adina! You had said 10 to 15 meals to freeze for emergencies for the next month. That’s a lot of emergencies. Am I not being as helpful as I need to be? Love you! 🙂

Comment by Jeremy Caskey

I want to come, but Nebraska seems like a long way to travel for a cooking trip! I did this when I was pregnant with Atley, but the monotony got to me and after him, we switched to eating out 10-15 times a month (GAG). Now we’re back to cooking every night and I’m thinking the monotony of frozen meals might be a welcome change ;-)!

Comment by Charlotte

Hey Charlotte! Send me a link to your blog/website so I can post it here. The cool thing is that if you only cook 10 meals then you only eat 10 frozen meals that month – the rest you cook. It works for us. . . also, I try new meals (see the cookbooks I recommend) so they are usually less than boring and they have been tested for the freezer.

How are things with the birthing center? Please send/post pics of your cuties!

Comment by icaskey

Not sure we’ll be able to do this TOGETHER this month. 🙂 I found out that since Ryan & I are going to sponsor Junior/Senior (April 27th), we have to stay up all night at their after party, too. I don’t remember the last time I stayed up all night. But, it’s a date, right?

Comment by Joy

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