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Easter Weekend
April 8, 2007, 7:56 pm
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Our events of the weekend included an Easter egg hunt, Church and dinner with friends. As soon as I post this, it will be my turn to nap . . . both children are down for naps at the same time (miracle of miracles!)As you can see in the photo, Elijah hasn’t quite figured out that an Easter egg hunt means hogging as many eggs and pieces of candy as you can for yourself. He kept walking up to children and helping them “clean up” the eggs around them, putting them in THEIR baskets. He looked kinda confused, like, “why are all these kids so excited about cleaning up. . . why are they eating some of the trash they are picking up?” His favorite part was trying to feed eggs to the REAL rabbit on a leash.

On an even more joyous note, we were reminded at Church of the great joy we look forward to at the second coming of Jesus Christ – if we trust in His sacrifice on the cross where He completely paid for our sin. How amazing that God chose to give his Son, Jesus to pay the price of my sin (death)! How even more amazing the miracle of his resurrection!

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