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Happy Resurrection Day!
April 8, 2007, 8:16 pm
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Jeremy writes,
A glorious Resurrection Sunday and Happy Easter was had here today in Omaha with a high of 45 degrees. Elijah sported his new suit to church this morning, but it was too cold for Merry’s pretty Easter dress, both from Grandma and Pap. Fortunately, the dress is not overtly Easter and will be able to be worn many more times when it warms up. We started the morning at 7am with Bible stories and Easter baskets, and had to quickly get out the door to church as our service starts at 8:30 (we drive nearly a half hour to get there).

One of our associate pastor’s, Erik Raymond brought the message from 1 Peter 1:3-6, outlining the source, specifics, and security of our salvation. A message my dad (Pap) no doubt would love – the master of alliterations!

We had Ian, Whitney, and Hannah over for Easter lunch – a feast to be sure: deviled eggs, a relish tray, spiral-sliced ham (which I have been coining, “the celebration of Peter’s roof top trance”), scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetable medley, rolls, banana slush punch, and a delicious homemade key lime cream layered cake. We go over there house tonight for round two – leftovers!

I am very excited about this new form of communication (blogging) and believe it will be a great opportunity to keep those that are interested well informed of our doings. We so often forget to tell someone (be it one of Adina’s siblings, Grandma, or friends) what’s new with the kids and us.

May each of us reflect on the glorious sacrifice that Christ made on the cross so that we might be declared perfect before Him though we are not, as we celebrate this weekend.


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Neat site!!! I enjoyed reading your posts and the pictures are sooo cute!
It sounds like ya’ll had a blessed Resurrection Day! We had deviled eggs too! I wonder if everyone does… We’ve been trying to come up with a different name for them. That name seems out of place on Resurrection Day!!!
I look forward to hearing more about what your family has been up to! I pray you have an abundantly blessed day!!!!!
Psalm 115:15

Comment by ( : Kate : )

It’s about time yall started blogging. it’s the ithing! I love yall.


Comment by Beth

Jeremy and Adina,
This is a GREAT idea! I love the pictures and notes about Elijah on the egg hunt, and am uplifted by your loving and joyful expressions of the *real* Treasure we celebrate…

A note for your commenter, Kate: I have never used the term “deviled eggs” because as a kid I just couldn’t understand why we would give a seemingly negative name to something so yummy. My aunt tried explaining, but I was–and am adamant–I have always called them what my maternal grandmother does: DOUBLED eggs. Most people seem not to notice which name one uses anyway, since they’re similar-sounding. (I don’t know if everyone eats doubled eggs for Easter dinner, but I’m pretty sure they show up on nearly everyone’s table at some point in the following week as all those dyed eggs meet their end. As a current non-mommy–and therefore holder of zero dyed eggs, I happily accept others’ leftovers!)

Thanks for sharing, guys!

Comment by Tiara

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