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April 7, 2007, 9:30 pm
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When Elijah was only 18-months old he became the owner of Daddy’s semi-broken iPod and an iDog (don’t ask me about that annoying toy,) now we have an iCaskey for our family. . . this iThing has gone too far. Yet still iParticipate?

Jeremy told me I should start a blog a few weeks ago after a good friend of mine told me about hers. My response to him was, “are you crazy? Just what I need, one more thing to keep up.” Since then, however, I have been noticing how much time I spend writing emails, talking on the phone or visiting with my family via web camera (iCam?) Sometimes I feel bad because I have updated one friend or member of my family on my life or my children’s lives and it’s been days since I’ve updated another.

So, this blog is for all those who love us enough to stay in touch in hopes that you can see into our lives a little more clearly. We pray you are blessed by whatever you read or find here. May God be glorified in all we do!


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Hi Adina and Jeremy!

It was so great to hear from you. Thanks for starting this blog. I ought to do the same thing. Then if people want to catch up they can, and if they don’t they don’t have to!!

You guys are often on my heart. The kids are so cute!!!

Matthew was just diagnosed ADHD and I can see myself fitting that as well. So that’s interesting! We’re trying a natural approach with B vitamins and magnesium and of course the ever constant training we’ve already been doing. We also realized that Dad, myself and my kids all have celiac or at the minimum a gluten intolerance. Now that we stopped eating all the gluten stuff we feel soooooo much better. My dad and I have been comparing notes–we’ve been seeing the same results. He has gotten tested and we are waiting for the results–but we are sure.


Comment by Cassie Tynan

Hi Jeremy & Adina,

Your new blog is great! This is the first time I ever saw one of these, though I’ve heard about them for awhile. Our Easter was fun and tiring too. We did an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids of the church on Saturday. 18 kids and 18 parents attended. We had a pizza and pop lunch, Dad did a nice Easter devotion, mostly asking the kids questions about their thoughts on Easter. One little girl said, “Jesus gives us the Easter bunny to love us.” On Easter Sunday Dad preached on 1 Cor 15:1-20 – “The Gospel of the Resurrection”. I sang in the choir and did a reading – a poem written by Pastor Foster, a retired pastor that is a member of our church. Then we went to Uncle Joe’s for a delicious meal of spiral ham, candied sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes, corn, fresh asparagus, fruit salad and strawberry pie from Eat-n-Park. Oh, we also had a big Easter breakfast cooked by some faithful people in our church. There were a lot of great egg casseroles, but unfortunately one of our members has Celiac also (like your friend that blogged you) and couldn’t eat them because of the bread in them. She ate fruit salad and a hard boiled egg. We didn’t have any deviled eggs, but they sure sound good. Maybe we’ll make some from the leftover hard boiled eggs. Well, we love you guys!

Mom and Dad

Comment by Debbie Caskey

COOOOOOL!!!!!!!! Your babies are so cuuuuuuute!!!!! I am thrilled with the blog–thanks! Our Baby Blue Eyes is all grown up, you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! I will send you his graduation picture!!!!! He is starting college in the fall! Can you believe it????
Did I know you are in Omaha??? I am sure I did, but my brain is fogging (ha ha ha ha ha). We had a wonderful Easter — Praise God for His Gift and G R A C E!!!! Hallalujah!!
Keep us up to date!
We are all well and gearing up for May 17, graduation day. My dad and his wife are coming out from CA for 5 days for the graduation. I am a bit apprehensive as I have not seen my dad in NINE years!!
Harry has one more class in Seminary, and will graduate in Dec. 07 with a Masters in Divinity, Lord willing!
We are all busy as bees, but happy as clams!!!
Love you all,
Carol Annie
(for all)

Comment by Carol Ann Chamberlain

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