The Caskey Family

April 7, 2007, 9:30 pm
Filed under: website update

When Elijah was only 18-months old he became the owner of Daddy’s semi-broken iPod and an iDog (don’t ask me about that annoying toy,) now we have an iCaskey for our family. . . this iThing has gone too far. Yet still iParticipate?

Jeremy told me I should start a blog a few weeks ago after a good friend of mine told me about hers. My response to him was, “are you crazy? Just what I need, one more thing to keep up.” Since then, however, I have been noticing how much time I spend writing emails, talking on the phone or visiting with my family via web camera (iCam?) Sometimes I feel bad because I have updated one friend or member of my family on my life or my children’s lives and it’s been days since I’ve updated another.

So, this blog is for all those who love us enough to stay in touch in hopes that you can see into our lives a little more clearly. We pray you are blessed by whatever you read or find here. May God be glorified in all we do!